Why it's time for a rethink

Why it’s time for a rethink - Tara LescottMost recruitment business leaders are taught early in their careers to stay fixed on goals but remain flexible with methods. If our first, second or third attempts fail, we readjust and try again. But the goal? That doesn’t change. That inner resolve is what has enabled many of us to become the leaders we are today, but somewhere along the way this has changed in one or two core areas of our businesses.

When it comes to attracting our experienced recruiters we’ve become flexible on the goal but rigid in our methods – and it’s hurting us. We’ve become less and less sure of our ability to attract high-calibre recruiters and so we no longer expect the result we actually need for our businesses to thrive.

Having an impact

The impact is far-reaching. Our expansion plans are restricted, we accept sub-standard hires that create further churn, or worse, in a bid to take some form of control, we invest in a trainee hiring policy – but we all know that this is an incredible slow burn strategy with high turnover that does a lot of damage to our business.

But the answers are staring us in the face. Consider how our industry has changed over the last 10 years, and how the world has changed in the same period. Look at the way consumer behaviour has altered. How do you buy goods today? How do you carry out research? How do you find answers to questions? Everything has changed. But have our sourcing strategies? If you’re still putting vanilla adverts on job boards and wondering why you can’t find good people, then you need to take a big step back.

Stop keep on doing what you're doing

It’s no wonder it’s not working if you’re still doing the same things you did 10 years ago. To find the best talent today you need to be where the people you seek spend their time. You need to talk their language, you need to share ideas and knowledge so they can fall in ‘like’ with you, and slowly but surely things will change.

Time for a rethink

So I urge you to have a rethink. Try thinking like a frustrated recruiter – how would they find you if they were exploring new options online? What would their first impression of your brand be? What would they find if they researched your company? What would their experience be if they did meet you? How does all that make you feel?

I guarantee that some time spent in your ideal hire’s shoes will get you far closer to the result you seek. Go and spend some time window shopping your brand – the results might surprise you.

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