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What are the recruitment trends this summer?

The recruitment sector has recovered well and vacancies are on the rise this summer. Recruitment firms are looking for experienced candidates to fill consultants’ roles but junior positions on temporary contracts are becoming more widely available.

Tara Lescott

Tara Lescott, a director at Recruitment Republic, said:

“There continues to be a surge in all specialist areas. There’s a real peak in East of England, the Home Counties and London. Construction, property, engineering and energy are really really busy and financial services and procurement are also sticking out.

“Everyone is looking for consultants with 12 to 36 months experience – this is  probably about 70% of what we are looking for at the moment on behalf of clients. What is really nice to see is the growing emergence of management roles coming out. They had really slowed down over recent years but they are now really coming back on strong.”

“I think we are going to get a higher proportion of the strategic roles coming out on top of that too.” 

Nicholas Kirk

Nicholas Kirk, a regional managing director at Michael Page, said:

“The general trend is continued positivity and the first six months have been positive and I don’t see anything changing to be honest.

“In terms of where we are and whether we see a recovery. The first part of the market that comes back is temp market at the junior end, followed by temp recovery in senior positions. Then it’s the return of perm recruitment at the junior end and now we’re starting to see the start of the next trend, which is the return of the perm part of the more senior market. We have started that final stage of the process of recovery.

“In terms of summer trends. I think the ‘summer question’ is a bit of a fallacy. Summer in the UK is a fallacy. Unlike Europe, we don’t close down for a few weeks in the summer. July and August doesn’t slow down for us.”

“We don’t expect summer to have an major difference. We have to manage timelines over summer and I believe jobseekers will still find a strong volume of vacancies.”

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