Is your work set-up holding you back? - Part 2

Why it’s time for a rethink - Tara LescottAre you achieving the best experience in your current role and are you positioned to maximise your opportunities? Are you in control of your recruitment career?

Following on from Recruiter’s August’s issue, in this second part of our article on assessing your true worth as a recruiter, we continue with our checklists to help you decide if you are at the right place in your career at this present time. Hopefully your responses will reveal the best result for you.

Do you have a mentor?
Do you have someone whom you can turn to with any business or recruitment-related question? Somebody who champions your progression, offers advice, guides you through difficult situations and greatly contributes to your growth? Yes or No?

Everyone in recruitment should have somebody to be their mentor – someone they trust to offer good advice, and who can be relied upon to champion their career and progress. Who is that for you?

On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you by your boss, team, and environment?
Are you excited about your work? Do you love the daily process of uncovering new roles and candidates? Do you love setting your plan for the day and setting yourself targets? Do you love the competition with your team? Do you have fun while you work? Are you excited about your future? Yes or No?

If you’re not excited about what you do, and you’re living for the weekend, something has to change.

Is your desk capable of delivering big fees?
To avoid confusion: being specialist in your approach is the right way to go – this will never be in doubt. But some companies take this approach too far, and end up restricting their consultants with desks that are focused on too narrow a niche or too small a geographical remit.

Not sure if your desk is restricted? Ask yourself these questions: If you met an exceptional candidate today, would you have 20 hot, high-quality clients with whom you have a good relationship that you could talk to straight away? And if you met a new, exciting client, do you have a large candidate pool that you can approach? Do you believe your desk is capable of producing £300k-plus? Yes or No?

If not, how can you possibly believe in your potential to earn the income level you desire? You are not in control.

So, how do your answers look?

High fives to all the recruiters with mainly ‘Yes’ answers. You are doing great, and you are clearly working for a great firm that is invested in your long-term success – you have nothing to worry about.

But if you came out with three or more ‘No’ answers, chances are that your current company is noticeably hindering your career. It’s time to start asking yourself some serious questions about what you need to do to progress your career at the level you deserve.

Don’t let somebody else dictate your success – take action and be the empowered recruiter you deserve to be.

Tara Lescott is managing director of recruitment-to-recruitment agency Recruiter Republic

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