Confidence: Crucial to Recruitment Consultants Success

Collins Squared[kon-fi-duh ns] noun: 1. Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing. 2. Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities

What is it about this elusive quality that can so heavily impact on our lives, on our ability to carry out duties and apply skills, learnt or inherent, to a different effect than our colleagues, friends and close family members?

In our careers, we can suffer from the inconsistencies of personal and professional confidence. In recruitment, I have seen many Consultants suffer from a surfeit of it, bordering on arrogance which is largely based on a foundationless “let’s get stuck in” attitude. Of course, confidence serves Recruitment Consultants well at times: but over-confidence is as much a curse as a lack of it is. A lack of confidence of course is a real Achilles’ heel in the career of a Recruitment Consultant.

So, what creates confidence in Recruitment Consultants? There is a myriad of factors that help give an individual the confidence. These include but are by not limited to:

  • COMPANY CULTURE: what are the expectations of the company you work for? How are these communicated to you? How much belief do you have in your Leadership Team and direct report Manager that they live and breathe the culture they claim to propagate? Are your beliefs synchronised with those of the culture of your employers? Do you feel comfortable to speak your mind, appropriately?
  • ENVIRONMENT: some people do care about the comfort of the seat they sit at, where and with whom they sit in an office configuration. Some people do derive some confidence by working in a clean, well lit, ventilated, warm, space that respects their personality and enables them to arrange their desk suitably.
  • ABILITY: of course, it helps to be “good” at what we do for a living. Communicating authoritatively to your Clients and Candidates is as empowering as it is essential. So, operating in a recruitment market that has reasonable boundaries, whether these are geographic or sector, seniority or discipline, temp/contract or perm or combined can help.. Most of us learn to get “better” at our jobs the more we do them, provided of course we are coached and trained effectively. Therefore, the provision of high-quality, accessible training and coaching may significantly impact on our own professional confidence.
  • DESIRE: It is debatable that “desire, not ability = success”, but our own desires can and do impact on our performance, mood and impact on those around us. If we strongly want something, then the chances are, as well-balanced individuals, we will strive to attain that thing. Are our (professional) desires catered for?
  • REWARD: naturally, most people will interpret “reward” in financial terms: salary, commission, bonus, incentives. Nothing wrong with this. “SMARTLY” set targets, achieved can open the floodgates and with that confidence hugely improved future performance and productivity can be produced. Rewards of course are also less tangent: flexible working, social activities, empathetic management, consideration of exceptional personal circumstances, can all be forms of reward that boost the confidence – and then the performance and outputs – of us all.

NOT ALL RECRUITMENT AGENCIES ARE THE SAME. I have worked in several organisations throughout my career in the Built Environment, Construction and Property recruitment and the range of experiences is astonishing. Organisations differ in attitude, culture, environment, reward structures, consideration of employees’ wellbeing that they are barely recognisable as competitors in the same industry. And of course, each one works well for some, but would not be so suited to others. In all of those that I have exposure to, there are success stories for individuals and in each of these individuals I have noted that they are confident in their own abilities, confident in their employers and confident about the organisation’s they work for.

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