Five Steps to Nailing the Job Interview Look

Published: 16 Aug 2016

Five Steps to Nailing the Job Interview Look

Whether you are interviewing for a top level executive job or as an entry level graduate. The clothes you wear and how you present yourself are the biggest first impression you can make. Not only will mastering the art of dressing for an interview be sure to give you that extra shot in the arm of confidence. But it can mean the interviewer has already gained a strong subconscious opinion of you before you open your mouth.

When planning your outfit, the end goal for you is to portray a presentable, attentive person to the interviewer. You will then support this impression as you answer his or her questions. In doing so you are setting yourself up perfectly to secure that new role.


Follow our five steps to interview dressing:

1. Always Look Formal

Wearing formal clothing shows someone who takes care of his or her appearance. That no matter how society continues to try and break the office rules. You abide by the formality of working in an office and are showing the company respect. Imagine it like a suit of armour as you ride into battle against the other interviewees. We obviously mean metaphorically! Probably best not to ride into the offices on a white charger, shouting ‘off with their heads’. Trust me, you get some funny looks.

2. Shine Your Shoes

Scruffy shoes are a sure-fire way to undo all the hard work from building the best outfit possible. It shows a lack of attention to detail and also someone who didn’t give enough preparation to the interview. Spend some time the evening before to polish your footwear. If the soles are in a bad way, then visit a cobbler the week before the interview to get them re-soled.

3. Keep It Neutral

If you want to showcase your personality during the interview. Then do so by verbally communicating it and not by attempting to show it in your wardrobe choices. If you do this, then you leave yourself open to perception. The creative, bold persona you tell through that colourful patterned shirt, may not be absorbed by others in the same way. The interviewer wants to see first and foremost your ability for the role, not your ability to rub people up the wrong way with your style choices. Choose a plain blue or white shirt as they are versatile enough to go with almost all suit types.

4. No Novelty Socks

Leave the Homer Simpson Christmas socks you got from your Great Auntie Maude at home for today. Stick to plain black or navy socks that aren’t going to make you look like a 16-year- old attending his GCSE’s.

5. Have A Shave/Haircut

Being well-groomed is essential preparation for a job interview. Book in a haircut a couple of days beforehand and shave on the day of the interview. If you take pride in looking your best, then you are already half way there.

6. Make Sure The Suit Fits Well

Now we don’t expect every man to have a wardrobe full of suits to call upon when the prospective company notifies him for a formal chat. But having one well-fitted suit that isn’t too big on the shoulders, slims the waist and overall improves your bodies silhouette, is key. Your shirt, tie and shoe combinations are then how you can keep the suit looking fresh. Should you be called back for a second interview, for example.

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